Bamboo Blankets

Bamboo fabric has become very popular these days, and increasingly more people choose it when it comes to their bedding. It is true that it provides more benefits than cotton or any other fabric, and this is why it is actually highly recommended. Bamboo blankets are absolutely great from many points of view, and if you want to buy an item like this in the near future, then you can take the necessary inspiration from the following top 14 blankets.

Top 14 Bamboo Blankets Comparison

PhotoModelSizeFabricFabric HeightHand FeelPrice
1. Berkshire Blanket cashmere bamboo50 x 70 inchesCashmere/bamboo blendLow-pileSoft, classicCheck Price
2. YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket48 x 72 inches (twin), 60 x 80 inches (queen)100% Natural Bamboo ViscoseLow-pileSoft, cozzyCheck Price
3. Happy Blanket bamboo throw51 x 75 inches100% BambooLow pileBreathable, durableCheck Price
4. Golden Ocean Home Decor44 x 60 inches100% Bamboo ViscoseLow pileUltra soft and smoothCheck Price
5. Royal Bedding Abripedic Bamboo Fiber Fillet Blanket68 x 90 inches (twin/twin XL), 90 x 90 inches (full/ queen), 106×90 inches (king/ cal. king)70% Bamboo Fiber, 30% Down-Alternative-FillLow pileExtra soft and cozyCheck Price
6. Fishers Finery blanket60 x 80 inches (twin), 80 x 80 (queen), 90 x 107 (king)100% Bamboo Viscose with 100% Silk TrimUltra Low pileUltra plush and warmCheck Price
7. Rocabi 15 lbs. Luxury Blanket Bamboo Bundle60 x 80 inchesBambooUltra Low pileUltra plush and warmCheck Price
8. Marcini bamboo fiber cotton throw blanket50 x 60 inches80% Rayon from Bamboo, 20% Cotton Low pileUltra soft and comfyCheck Price
9. Lushrobe Bamboo Throw Blanket90″ L x 60″ W70% Ultra Soft Bamboo / 30% Natural Turkish CottonUltra Low pileCozy and softCheck Price
10. Bluestar natural bamboo throw blanket60 x 79 inchesNatural Bamboo fiber Low pileUltra softCheck Price
11. ZonLi Sensory Bamboo Weighted Blanket 55 x 82 inches100% Bamboo ViscoseUltra low pileComfortable
12. CreFutre Weighted Blanket60 x 80 inches100% premium natural bamboo viscose and SMART fabricLow pileDesigned for summer season
13. aden + anais Blanket60 X 70 inch100% viscose from bamboo and 100% cotton bamboo muslinUltra Low pileUltra soft and cozy
14. DANGTOP Air Conditioning Cool Blanket59″X79″ and 79″X91″Bamboo microfiberUltra Low pileUltra soft and smooth like baby skin

The Bamboo Blanket Reviews

Berkshire Blanket cashmere bamboo

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly blanket then, this item is exactly what you need, in order to feel comfortable and cozy at all times. The perfect blend of soft, luxurious cashmere and environmentally friendly bamboo, this wonderful product has the softest buttery feel and an elegant appearance. You should also take into account the fact that this product is light and drapable. A high comfort is exactly what this item will provide you. You have the possibility to choose between two colors, grey heron and beach. All in all, you will certainly enjoy to the fullest your time spent in bed, with this amazing bamboo and cashmere blanket.

Environmentally friendly blanket
Fringe border
Light and drapable

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

This is a thing item, absolutely great for the summertime, due to the fact that it has a good ventilation. It is cool against your body and very comfortable under all temperatures. The bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungus. Furthermore, it is bed bug resistance, resistant to mold, fungus or bacteria buildup, and it has deodorizing properties. There will not be any bad odors even it is soaked with sweat. The soft texture of this item will definitely help you have a healthier skin, due to the fact that it will not cause any sort of irritations or itchiness. If you are interested in purchasing this blanket, make sure you choose it according to your body weight. For example, the 15 lbs. model is suitable for up to 150 lbs. individual while the 20 lbs. model is made for up to 200 lbs. individual. Overall, this is a great option to consider.

Breathable blanket
Deodorizing properties
Soft and comfortable

Happy Blanket bamboo throw

This product is another excellent choice you could make, in terms of bamboo throws. If a high comfort is what you want, then this is exactly what you need. It is made of 100% bamboo fibers, which are natural and therefore, environmentally friendly as well. Furthermore, it is also breathable, which means that it will keep your body cool. Asthmatic people and those ones that suffer from different allergies should choose a product like this, due to the fact that it is resistant to fungus, mold, and bacteria buildup as well. It doesn’t release any bad odor either, which is another wonderful advantage.

Resistant to fungus, mold and bacteria
No odors

Golden Ocean Home Decor

If you want to choose a high-quality blanket, then this product is definitely what you need. It is natural, and extremely soft. Bamboo fiber is one of the softest fabrics in the world. It is actually as soft as silk. This blanket is not only very soft but anti-bacterial and anti-fungal as well. It is very resistant to fungus, mold, and bacteria buildup, which means it is excellent for allergy sufferers, and not only. This breathable blanket is odor resistant as well, and it is amazingly cool in the summer. All in all, you will certainly feel very comfortable at all times.

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
Resistant to bacteria build up
Odor resistant

Royal Bedding Abripedic Bamboo Fiber Fillet Blanket

This is another wonderful bamboo blanket you should go for. It is extra soft, and it will surely keep you cozy all year long. It is made of 70% bamboo fiber with 30% down-alternative-Fill, and it is available on the market in three sizes such as twin/ twin XL, queen/full and king/ cal.king size.The Royal Bedding Abripedic blanket is stylish as well, and long-lasting. You can easily wash it by hand or by using the cold water setting of washing machine. Furthermore, you can also use the tumble dryer, but only on the low temperature setting. This high-quality product that can be found in the shops today, will definitely satisfy even the most demanding customer. It should also be mentioned that this blanket can be used as a comforter.

Machine washable
Hypoallergenic, breathable and soft
Great value for money

Fishers Finery blanket

This is a 100% bamboo viscose product. It is extremely lightweight and very comfortable for 3 seasons. You can even use it in the wintertime, in order to feel cozy. There are 6 colors available: chocolate, dusk blue, gray, navy, red, and sand. Moreover, you can either opt for the twin size or for the queen one. It is very easy to clean, and you can even use your washing machine. You just need to remember to use the cold water setting, in order to make sure the product will not be damaged. However, there are instructions that come with this item, and that actually describe how to maintain it properly.

Great for 3 seasons
Lightweight and comfy
Easy to clean

Rocabi 15 lbs. Luxury Blanket Bamboo Bundle

This item contains bamboo and polyester. It is not only extremely soft, but ultra breathable as well. Therefore, it is excellent for people with a sensitive skin. They can definitely say goodbye to itchiness and skin irritations. Due to the fact that it is highly breathable, it will certainly keep you warm without making you sweat and feeling uncomfortable. It is washable in cold water. You should not use bleach or fabric softener. You can either use this item as a regular blanket or as a throw. However, one thing is sure, and that would be the fact that you will feel ultra comfortable.

Ultra breathable and extremely soft
Machine washable

Marcini bamboo fiber cotton throw blanket

This item is without a doubt a high quality one. It is made of 80% rayon from bamboo, and 20% cotton. It is absolutely perfect for your couch or favorite recliner. This throw is lightweight, and it has a silky soft texture which is without a doubt very delicate with your skin, especially if it is very sensitive. The subtle tone-on-tone design is very attractive, and it has a hand knot fringe on two ends. For creating this wonderful blanket, a natural, renewable bamboo has been used. This product is definitely a luxurious one, which will provide you a high comfort when you sleep or when you just want to lay on your sofa and watch a movie or read a book.

Great for sensitive skin
Attractive design
It provides excellent comfort

Lushrobe Bamboo Throw Blanket

Discover the wonderful softness of this blanket, which is made of 70% ultra soft bamboo and 30% natural Turkish cotton . This item comes with an elegant style, and it is ideal for home decor or office use. Its great quality makes it a perfect gift for families and friends. In order to protect the material, you will need to take into consideration the care instructions, which are: use the cold water or the gentle cycle on your washing machine, do not bleach, and tumble dry on low heat. All in all, you will surely be happy with what this blanket has to offer.

High-quality blanket
Attractive price
Washing machine

Bluestar natural bamboo throw blanket

This is the last product from our top, which is without a doubt an excellent one. It is great for babies and kids. Furthermore, even adults can used it to cover them while they sit on the couch and read a book. The ultra soft, natural bamboo, will highly protect the skin, making you or your baby feel ultra comfortable at all times. You can choose between 5 beautiful colors: blue, green, pink, purple, or yellow. It is recommended not to use harsh detergents or bleach. Moreover, you need to tumble dry on delicate setting, medium to high heat. By doing so, you will protect the material, and it will last a longer period of time.

Available in 5 colors, including purple, yellow, green, blue and pink
Soft and cozy
Washing machine

ZonLi Sensory Bamboo Weighted Blanket

The ZonLi Sensory Bamboo Weighted Blanket is a comfortable blanket for kids, teens and adults alike. It measures 55 x 82 inches and weighs 15 lbs. Since it is made of 100% bamboo, stay confident that it is great for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. The manufacturer has been trying to create a comfy blanket with antimicrobial properties and with this model it managed to design a blanket that can be used in various ways. This blanket has been made to regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating. It is soft and smooth and can be a great addition to any bedroom.

It is soft and comfy
Antibacterial properties
Easy to care for

CreFutre Weighted Blanket

It should come as no surprise that we selected this blanket as one of the most comfortable models available in the current market. The blanket measures 60” x 80” and it weighs 15 lbs. Of course, you can also opt for the 20 lbs. model if you need something warmer. But remember that these blankets are also much heavier. The weighted blanket by CreFutre is specially designed for the summer season. It is made of 100% bamboo viscose and SMART fabric. Since it comes in an XL size, it is recommended for adults and teens. What we really like about these blankets is the fact that they are machine washable. However, it is advisable to wash them on a low and gentle cycle. Or, you can opt for hand-wash. The blanket doesn’t come with a removable cover, so if you intend to prolong its life, you can purchase a duvet cover separately. Overall, this is a soft and cozy blanket and a nice option to consider when going shopping.

Antimicrobial properties
Made of 100% bamboo
Machine washable

aden + anais Blanket

Looking for a comfortable and ultra soft blanket? Then, take a look at this incredible blanket by aden+anais. It is made of 100% viscose from bamboo. In fact, it has two layers if 100% cotton bamboo muslin. This makes it even softer, cozy and warm. The blanket measures 60 X 70 inch but you will also find a smaller size 30” – 34” inches. It will be just perfect for your little child. As compared to many other models, it contains antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties. This makes it ideal for kids and adults alike with sensitive skin, allergies and even asthma disorder. The blanket features a sleeveless design, so there are no risks of overheating. Therefore, if you want to create a safe sleeping environment for you or your child, this lightweight blanket will be a real aid.

Soft design
Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
Baby friendly

DANGTOP Air Conditioning Cool Blanket

If you are on the hunt for a comfortable blanket made of bamboo, this is a great option. The DANGTOP blanket comes in 2 different sizes. The small size is 59” x 79” while the large size measures 79” x 91”. The blanket is available in green, blue, pink and yellow color. It is made of bamboo microfiber that is a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. It is soft and cozy. It is not machine washable, so you will be forced to wash it by hand. Avoid the use of bleach and don’t let it dry in the sun. Also, note that it cannot be dried by a drier as it will damage the fibers. Just hang it on the hanger and let it dry in a ventilated room.

Amazingly cool in summer season
Available in two different sizes

Important Things to Know About

More than likely you have heard that bamboo is a natural plant used to create interesting pieces of furniture as well as other home decorations. However, manufacturers also use it to produce luxury bedding, including blankets. Some people are just afraid to try it because it is not so popular as cotton or silk. However, there are also people who prefer bamboo bedding because it is a warm and comfortable material. It has natural antibacterial properties that allow the material to breathe, resisting germs and toxins.

Bamboo is extremely versatile. It is an all-weather fabric that cools and insulates the body depending on the season. Most blankets have thermal-regulating properties, so you can confidently use them in any season. They are beautiful, soft, cozy and easy to care for. There are so many colors, patterns, styles and sizes that are not very difficult to choose a model that match to your home’s decors and help you feel cozy and comfortable all year round.

The Surprising Advantages of Using Them

Over the last few years, bamboo has become extremely popular. Whether we are talking about bamboo sheets or other useful objects that can be made from it, we all know the importance of bamboo in our life. Bamboo is dense and beautiful and a high-quality blanket can be a great addition to your bed linen collection. Bamboo provides a plethora of surprising advantages over even some of the most quality traditional blankets.

  • Toxin-free growth

    Bamboo bed blankets manufactured from bamboo fibers come from a natural source. They provide you with the security of knowing that bamboo is one of the earth’s few sustainable woody sources which was grown without pesticides or other toxic products.

  • Bamboo bed blankets have incredible properties

    Unlike other bed linens, the bamboo sheets have incredible “wicking” properties. They keep you warm during the cold nights and cooler during the summer nights. Thanks to their properties, they draw the moisture away from the body, maintaining comfortable sleeping temperatures. Nowadays, more and more people choose to buy them because of their softness. They are lightweight and silky and provide the user with maximum comfort.

  • They have antimicrobial characteristics

    Several specialists reveal the fact that they possess germ-resistant properties. Furthermore, they can resist dust mites and bacteria better than any other material. One of the main reasons for anyone to purchase these blankets is their allergen-resistant abilities.

How to Take Proper Care of These Beautiful Blankets

Since they are made from a high-quality natural material which is safe for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin, these blankets must be treated like quality fabrics they truly are. In the following lines, you will learn how to keep your beautiful blankets at heirloom level.

  • Wash them in cold water
    Take care of your blankets and make them last longer with cold water. Use cold water and gentle wash cycle for regular care. Bamboo is a delicate fabric that may not respond well to high temperatures. Therefore, you should never use hot water when cleaning bamboo, because it can cause the material to shrink.
  • Dry gentle
    It’s recommended to dry the blankets under the sun on a clothesline. If you want to avoid shrinking, do not use the dryer. Avoid the use of a dryer because it can destroy the quality of the fabric.
  • Avoid washing with rough materials of different colors
    Whether it is a blanket or a cover, it is important to combine related colors. This way, you will avoid color bleeding and staining. Avoid washing black or colored materials with whites. More than that, never wash bamboo fabrics with coarser fabrics. These rough materials will cause your blankets to pill.
  • Never use softeners
    Bamboo blankets do not require any type of softener in the wash because they are already soft. On the other hand, if you want to remove stains, you can use natural cleaners that contain no harsh chemicals. Nowadays, most people replace the regular laundry detergent with a mixture of natural soap and baking soda. This method will help you maintain the blankets well into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What are the laundry instruction for bamboo blankets?
We recommend that you wash them in cold water using a cold-water detergent and no fabric softener. Also, dry them on low heat.

2Are they made from 100% bamboo?
The most quality blankets are made from 100% bamboo fiber. Our natural fiber blankets are expertly made from bamboo fiber mixed with cotton, viscose, and silk.

3Where are these blankets manufactured?
They are manufactured in the United States

4Do they wrinkle?
A bamboo blanket may wrinkle a little the first time you wash it, but if you dry it on cool to medium heat, it will be like new.

5Do they shrink?
No, bamboo fibers doesn’t have this property.


  1. Valerie Wilhelm says:

    Can I iron these types of blankets?

    • Tom Walters says:

      You can iron them as long as you want. You can even use high temperatures with steam.