Top 10 Best Bamboo Duvet Covers

The main purpose of having a duvet cover is for extreme comfort. The pleasure of sleeping with one is completely unlike having a standard quilt or blanket. Bamboo bedding is much softer than any other bedding out there, providing some great benefits. It is hypoallergenic and helps with allergies, snoring and breathing problems. If you want to offer your bedroom a sophisticated aspect like seen in the movies, purchase a set of a duvet cover with matching pillow shams. The variety of color choices and prints available on the market and the high-quality materials used in manufacturing the finest sets will make you feel very classy and sophisticated.

Top 10 Bamboo Duvet Covers Comparison


Bamboo Duvet Covers




The Best

Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Rayon

This set includes one duvet cover with button closure and two pillow cases available in as much as 11 color choices. You can choose either a Queen size with a duvet cover measuring 90×92” and pillows measuring 20×26” or a King size that will fit duvets as large as 106×92” and pillows of 20×36”. The items are made of 100% rayon from bamboo with 300 thread count that is extremely soft, much softer than cotton. The breathable nature of bamboo ensures the duvet and pillows will remain cool to touch in summer and warm in winter. Also, the bamboo will act as an allergen repellent, being perfect for those who suffer from dust mite allergies. This set can only be washed in cold water and dried at a low heat cycle to make sure the fabric will remain in the best condition. The Queen set is now available for $65 while the King costs $80, both reduced from $200.

Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Rayon Picture Amazon Price

Our Choice

Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Viscose

Another excellent choice that feels as soft as cashmere or silk is this one that is made of viscose from bamboo which is the next top choice after bamboo rayon. The viscose is a quality material with a 300 thread count that is highly resistant and maintains is shape throughout time so you won’t have to worry about how your duvet will look in a few months. The set is available in 11 color choices and includes a duvet cover that measures 90×92” and two pillow shams measuring 20×26” for Queen Size and a duvet cover measuring 106×92” and two pillows of 20×36” in King size. The bamboo viscose provides protection against dust mites and impurities and maintains a constant and comfortable sleeping temperature. Both size sets cost $90 reduced from $200.

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Simple&Opulence Bamboo Rayon

This luxury set includes a duvet cover and two pillow shams made of the finest blend of polyester, cotton, and a quality bamboo rayon that provides the softest touch. The design inspires luxury and sophistication due to the golden texture and the jacquard pattern that provide increased softness to the texture. You can choose from 4 different sizes that will fit duvets ranging from 68×86” to 106×92” and pillows measuring 20×26” or 20×36”. You can wash the set in the washing machine in cold water and it will maintain its soft texture without any need for ironing. Also, it is extremely comfortable to sleep on because it maintains the proper temperature despite the ambient temperature. If you hurry, this set can be yours for $60 reduced from $220, which is a discount worth mentioning.

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ExceptionalSheets Ultra Soft Bamboo

The pleasant plush feeling of this duvet cover set will make you feel like you are sleeping on clouds. The rayon derived from bamboo has 300 thread count, is anti-static and works great in fighting skin allergies and keeping dust mites away. Also, the fibers are very effective at removing moisture and regulating your body temp, being perfect for any season. There are two sizes to choose from, a Queen that measures 90×92” for the cover and 20×26” for the pillows and a King that measures 106×92” and 20×36”. The prices vary according to size so you will be paying $95 for Queen and $110 for King.

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SheetsnThings 100% Bamboo

Another recommended set of duvet cover and pillow shams is this one from SheetsnThings made of 100% bamboo viscose of the finest quality with 300 thread count. The texture is extremely pleasant to touch, comparable to silk or cashmere and better than cotton, and remains comfortable in all temperatures. Being an 100% natural fabric, bamboo has great moisture wicking properties and allows the air to pass through its fibers, thus keeping allergens and spores away. The Queen size set includes a 90×92” duvet cover and 2 20×26” pillow cases while the King size includes a 106×92” cover and two 20×36” pillow shams. You can wash them in cold water in the washing machine with a gentle detergent and without any bleach. Both sizes are available in 6 color choices, including beige, sage, blue, or taupe and the price is $80 for both of them, reduced from $200.

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BedVoyage Rayon Bamboo

Versatility is the perfect name for this set of duvet cover and 2 pillow cases available in 7 color choices to match any bedroom décor and even the most demanding tastes. If the color is your last concern and you are more interested in quality, you can rest assured because this set is a quality choice that will last for many years. The bamboo is extremely durable and the best part is that the covers are reversible so you can use them on both sides. If you suffer from allergies, you will feel a relief when sleeping on this set that eliminates allergens and prevents moisture and bad odors. There are 5 sizes to choose from starting at 88×82” for the cover and ending at 108×95” and the price varies from $161 to $195.

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Luxury Egyptian Bed N Bag Bamboo King

You will enjoy the softness of Egyptian cotton combined with the quality of the bamboo if you opt for this luxurious set of duvet cover and pillow cases. The fibers are perfect for those with a sensitive skin who can’t stand synthetic fabrics. Although the is available in various sizes, each size can be found separately on each one of the 7 colors available and this particular King set measures a standard of 106×92” for the cover and 20×36” for the pillow shams. The set costs $120, which is not much compared to its quality, but is more than other similar sets.

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Egyptian Bedding 100% Bamboo

No doubt about it, this exceptional set of duvet cover and two pillow shams is the ultimate pampering for your skin. The bamboo rayon includes 1200 thread counts, which is 3 or 4 times the usual count found in most sets, hence, the feeling of silk on your skin. It is the perfect relief for delicate skin as it automatically repels allergens and keeps impurities and moisture away. There are many sizes and colors available to match any bed size and any bedroom décor and the prices vary according to size.

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Another affordable yet quality set of duvet cover and pillow shams is this one made of 100% rayon from bamboo that is very soft to touch and will be great for those with sensitive skin. The organic fibers provide care for the skin, protection against impurities, allow the air to pass through them and maintain a pleasant texture after many washes. You can use the washing machine and the dryer for keeping the duvet clean just make sure you follow the instructions on the label. The set is available in 8 colors that include a wide pallet from light ivory to metallic gray to burgundy. The two sizes available are Queen and King measuring 92×95” for the cover and 20×26” for the pillows, respectively 109×95” and 20×36”. The smaller size costs $74 and the larger one costs $85.

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Royal Tradition Silky and Soft Bamboo

Our last suggestion is this set that includes a duvet cover and two pillow shams available in no less than 14 color choices, enough for you to find the one that you like the most. There are two sizes available, Queen and King, with the cover measuring 90×92” or 110×92” and the pillow cases measuring 20×26” or 20×36”. The bamboo viscose used in manufacturing them is very soft and durable and will maintain a strong color and texture after every wash. Keep in mind that you must use only cold water and a low drying cycle to prevent any damage to the fabrics. O have this cozy set at home, you will have to pay $100 or $110, depending on the size chosen.

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Things to Know About these Duvet Covers

Before choosing a cover for your duvet, you need to consider some aspects that will guarantee the satisfaction of your purchase. Knowing more about these duvet covers will help you make the best choice, so don’t overlook the importance of research.

  • They usually come with matching pillow shams so you will get a complete classy aspect. The color choices are endless so you will definitely find the one that will best please you.
  • You can find covers made of either bamboo rayon or bamboo viscose and the difference is merely visible. Both types of fabrics are obtained by naturally processing rayon so you won’t have to worry about potential health threats.
  • A detail that influences the softness and thickness of a duvet cover made of bamboo is the thread count number. Usually, you will find items of 300, 400 or fewer thread count that are incredibly soft and can even match the softness of cotton with 1000 thread count. Duvet covers with more than 400 will mostly raise the price without providing impressive softness so don’t guide yourself by this.

What Makes Them so Great

Many people choose the covers for their bedroom and you might be wondering what makes them so popular. Aside from the luxurious air they offer, these bedding items come with a long list of advantages that makes them a great choice for any home. Reading the following lines will convince you that you need one for your bedroom as well.

    • An organic choice

If you are concerned about your impact on the environment, you can rest assured because bamboo is an eco-friendly supply that causes no harm. Bamboo grows very fast and processing it doesn’t involve any type of chemicals that could be released into the air once you take the cover home.

    • Excellent hypoallergenic properties

People with a sensitive skin or with dust allergies know how hard it can be to find a type of bedding that will provide a cozy and healthy sleeping environment. Bamboo covers manage to ensure a hypoallergenic surface that is very gentle to the sensitive skin and automatically repels allergens and impurities. Both the cover and the pillow shams are made of the finest quality bamboo that guarantees you will be protected against allergies of all kinds.

    • The soft texture

The main aspect to look for in a type of bedding is the softness provided because everyone dreams of sleeping in a bed that feels like silk or cashmere. Bamboo offers a softness that feels like a blend of silk, cotton, and cashmere. It is very delicate without being extremely expensive, being an excellent alternative over more precious materials.

    • Moisture and temperature regulating

The level of comfort provided by a type f bedding is also influenced by its ability to retain moisture and to remain at a proper temperature. Bamboo is known for its breathable texture which allows the air to circulate, thus keeping you from sweating. Also, it will remain cold in summer and warm in winter so you will be able to use the duvet cover set all year round.

    • Easy to take care of

No one likes to have bedding that gets wrinkled easily and loses the intensity of the colors with every wash. These bamboo duvet covers are not very demanding when it comes to maintenance so you won’t have to worry about this aspect. Keep reading the following lines and you will see the right way of caring for them.

    • Durable and high-quality

The covers are very durable and will provide the same comfort as time goes by because the fibers won’t lose their softness nor will they become thinner. You will enjoy the same quality even after extended use so your investment will be a wise and profitable one.

The Right Way of Caring for Them

  • To make sure your duvet cover set will last a very long time and will maintain its bright colors, you must take good care of them and handle cleaning accordingly. Since washing them by hand would be a real burden, you can use the washing machine but only at a low-temperature washing cycle. Use a mild detergent and opt for a low tumble that will not damage the fabric.
  • Don’t use bleach while washing even though you opt for the white color because bleach can damage not only the color but also the fibers of the cover. Make sure the detergent you use doesn’t contain bleaching agents and you could also avoid using fabric softener that would stick to the fibers.
  • After washing the cover and pillow shams, you can dry them outdoors or you can use the dryer’s low-temperature cycle. Once dried, remove the item from the dryer to prevent wrinkles in the fabric. Most of the duvet cover sets don’t require ironing as the fabrics tend to straighten while drying so they will be ready to use.

Top 3 Most Popular Brands

If you are interested in finding out which are the most popular brands on the market, then you may want to read the lines below. After all, behind a great product, there will always be a reliable brand that is well-known for its outstanding results.

    • Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel brand delivers exceptional bamboo duvet covers for enhancing the appearance of your bedroom. Furthermore, the products are made only of premium quality materials, are durable and come in a wide range of options. At the same time, they are very soft and offer great protection against dust mites and bacteria, being a great addition to any home.

    • Simple&Opulence

Another reliable brand in this industry is the Simple&Opulence, which delights us by a wide variety of products. The duvet covers sold under the name of this brand are unique, resistant and very comfortable, being a popular choice among many customers. In addition, the Simple&Opulence brand is dedicated to constantly improving their products just to make sure all their clients are fully satisfied.

    • ExceptionalSheets

The ExceptionalSheets brand is well-known for their impressive, long-lasting products, including duvet covers which are made of great materials and have a very attractive design. Therefore, if you intend to give a soft touch to your bedroom, then choosing a duvet cover made by ExceptionalSheets will be the right choice.

How We Rated the Products

In order to find out which are the main factors we’ve considered when we’ve selected and ranked the best covers, read the lines below. By knowing more about this aspect you will ease your task in choosing the right product for your needs.

    • Material

The material used for manufacturing a bamboo duvet cover is significantly important because it influences the comfort and durability. As you will see, some of our models are made of bamboo rayon or bamboo viscose, while others contain a blend of polyester, cotton, and bamboo rayon, so all the duvet covers feel very soft.

    • Thread count

Bamboo duvets have a thread count measurement and the same sizes as other bamboo bedding. A thread count for a cover represents the number of threads per square inch of material and it can be anywhere between 100 and 1000. Usually, the soft materials and fabrics have a higher thread count. However, this depends on the fabrication. If a bamboo cover has a thread count of 300 or higher than that, it is considered one of the best covers out there.

    • Versatility

The possibility to choose from various sizes and colors make our products very versatile. Most bamboo duvet covers come in two sizes, namely Queen and King sizes, while others are available in 3 or even 5 sizes. In what concerns the colors available, they come in a larger variety of options, having the possibility to choose from 5, 6, or even 14 available colors.

    • Price

It’s very important to take into consideration the price-quality ratio of a product, so this is why we’ve selected those products that offer great quality for their price. They may not be the cheapest options on the market, but they are surely a good long-term investment. At the same time, many of the duvet covers are reduced in order to enjoy the same quality at a lower price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How many sheets are in the Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Rayon king package?
The king package comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two King pillowcases.

2 Does the ExceptionalSheets Ultra Soft Bamboo duvet covers have ties to help anchor the comforter?
Unfortunately, they do not have ties to anchor the comforter. At the moment we do not provide any covers with ties.

3 Are the BedVoyage Rayon Bamboo made with organic bamboo?
The BedVoyage duvet cover is made from 100% bamboo rayon


  1. Lianne says:

    Does the ExceptionalSheets Ultra Soft Bamboo come in any other color besides white? The walls of my bedroom are painted in a light blue color, and I would be interested in a duvet cover that matches this color.

    • The ExceptionalSheets Ultra Soft Bamboo actually comes in 8 colors, among them being the smoke blue color that we think would best suit your bedroom. The other colors that you can choose from are ivory, sage, blue, gold, taupe, grey, and white, of course.

  2. Elaine says:

    I want to know in what sizes does the Royal Tradition Silky and Soft Bamboo and what is the price tag for each size as well. Thank you!

    • Hello, Elaine! The ExceptionalSheets Ultra Soft Bamboo model comes in the Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. No matter the size that you choose, the price tag for this duvet cover remains $150, but the price can drop if you’re lucky enough to buy it during a discount period.

  3. Rhodey says:

    I am interested in a duvet cover that is breathable enough to allow me to sleep comfortable during the hot summer nights. Could you please recommend a model that is very effective, but that doesn’t cost a lot either?

    • If you want a duvet cover that is as good as they get and that doesn’t come at an exuberant price, then you should buy the Impressions model. Currently, you can have it for the price of $73.

  4. Daiana says:

    Hello! I am thinking about purchasing the Royal Hotel Silky Soft Bamboo Rayon. What are the dimensions of a queen-size duvet?

  5. Dya says:

    I am interested in buying a set of duvet cover and pillow shams from SheetsnThings. Is it complicated to wash them?

    • Tom Walters says:

      Washing the duvet cover and the pillows from SheetsnThings is actually quite simple. You must wash them in cold water and choose a delicate cycle with mild detergent. Do not use bleach, because it can damage your duvet cover.

  6. Lisa says:

    Is the BedVoyage Rayon available in other colors?

    • Tom Walters says:

      Hello, Lisa! This model is available in various colors, such as red, ivory, sky, platinum, multi and white.

  7. Christine says:

    Hello, I am thinking about purchasing the Egyptian Bedding 100% Bamboo model. Is this product suitable for people with sensitive skin?

    • Tom Walters says:

      Hello, Christine! This is the perfect relief for delicate skin as it automatically repels allergens and keeps impurities and moisture away, so you can confidently buy this model!