How to Wash Bamboo Pillows

If you have bought a pillow made of bamboo fibres, it means that you know how great it is for your health to lay your head on it at night, such a pillow not harboring allergens, bacteria, and dust mites due to the materials that go into its manufacturing. But this doesn’t mean that the pillow doesn’t have to be washed. On the contrary, if you don’t make sure to wash it on a regular basis, the pillow will get dirty, and that’s something that you have to avoid if you care about the health of your skin and your respiratory system. To find out how to properly wash a bamboo pillow, read the following lines.

How to wash the bamboo cover

The top of the line models on the market come with bamboo covers that can be removed in order to be washed. All that you have to do is to take the cover off, and put it in the washing machine. Set the machine on a gentle cycle, and once the cycle is over, either air dry the cover or put it in the dryer. Of course, you can do this procedure manually as well, but it’s not necessary because the gentle cycle on the washing machine will do a better job without harming the fabric. Also, make sure that you put a small amount of detergent in the machine when you wash it.

How to wash the shredded memory foam pillow

Once in a while, you have to wash the shredded memory foam pillow as well for the particles that get trapped between the case and the core material to be eliminated. When it is time to wash it, simply soak it in water that doesn’t have detergent or anything else in it. After you have soaked the pillow, air dry it. If you plan on cleaning the bamboo pillow regularly, it is better to simply take a damp cloth, wipe its surface, and let it air dry for 10-15 minutes. By cleaning it like this regularly, there won’t be a need for you to soak it and potentially ruin its texture by doing so.

Air dry instead of using the dryer

After you have washed the shredded memory foam pillow, it is time to dry it. What you mustn’t do is to put it in the dryer, no matter how gentle you think the drying cycle will be because it will destroy the foam. Instead, air dry the pillow for the foam to maintain its texture and properties, ensuring that it will be good for use for a long time.

The Pros and Cons of Using Bamboo Pillows



They keep your neck and head cool when you sleep They need to be hand washed and air dried
They emilinate dust mites The washing machine can destroy them
They prevent snoring Most models can be more firm that people are used to
Ideal for people with asthma and allergies They are more expensive than other pillows
Bamboo protects against bacteria and fungi

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are bamboo pillows really made of?
You may think that it is made of 100% bamboo. Despite what its name suggest is is not made of bamboo shoots. It is made from bamboo fibers which are specially designed for users to enjoy the benefits of this incredible fabric.
2 Why you should never dry bamboo pillows in the dryer?
High temperature can affect the memory foam, causing it to crumble. It’s recommended to dry the pillows outside, preferably in the sun. Keep in mind that it has to be dried thoroughly before using it again.
3How do I know which size is right for me?
Choose a pillow that is the same size as your mattress. If you have a king sized mattress, then a large pillow is exactly what you need. If you have a single mattress, a small pillow will work well for your needs.
4 My new memory foam pillow has a hypoallergenic pillowcase. Can I use it as a normal case or should I put my own pillowcase over it?
Since there is a removable pillow case, it can be used as a normal case. However, if you want, you can use your own pillowcase over the hypoallergenic one.
5Do the pillow fluff up after taking it out of the bag?
It is recommended to put it in the dryer for 10-15 min on low heat. But you can also let them sit and they’ll unsquish themselves.


  1. Jill G. Oliver says:

    Is the memory foam pillow washing machine?

    • Tom Walters says:

      The pillow can be washed by hand. It is recommended to use a small amount of gentle detergent and cold water. Do not use too much water as it can be extremely difficult to dry the pillow properly.

  2. Jessica J. Short says:

    How to wash a pillow made of bamboo. Are they really washing machine?

    • Tom Walters says:

      First of all, you need to know that only the cover is made of bamboo, the filling is usually made of memory foam. Most pillows come with a zippered cover that is removable and washing machine.